Top "50" Lists

About the Top 50 Lists

The Ohio Scholastic Top 50 lists are based on the official USCF rating supplement for each month.  A player’s most current rating as listed in the Member Service Area (MSA) of the USCF website may include results of games not yet reflected in the last supplement, and is not considered when the Top 50 lists are compiled.


A player must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible for consideration in any given month’s Top 50 lists:

  • have an established (not provisional) rating per the USCF supplement.  A player’s first 25 rated games result in a provisional rating.  Established ratings are based on 26 or more rated games.
  • have an unexpired USCF membership as of the date the supplement was created.  We allow a three month grace period for lapsed memberships.  Otherwise, if an expired membership is renewed after the supplement was created, the player will not be eligible until the next month’s list.
  • appear in a supplement within the last twelve months.  This ensures only currently active players are included in the lists.
  • have an Ohio address per USCF records.
  • be a student in 12th grade or lower.  We consider the summer lists thru August to be for the prior school year, and September to be for the coming school year.


The USCF supplement for any given month is based on all games rated by the USCF since the prior supplement.  The USCF usually creates each supplement on or about the third Friday of the preceding month.  For example, the January supplement is usually based on games rated thru the third Friday in December.  Therefore there can be up to a two-month delay between the date an event ends and the month those results appear in a supplement – even longer, if the results are not submitted promptly by the tournament director.


USCF supplements do not distinguish scholastic players from adults, and do not include grade level or gender.  We gather this information from pairing directors, then pull the USCF data for those players.  If you believe there are errors or omissions in our lists, please review the eligibility criteria above.  If you still believe corrections are needed, please send the relevant information to, and we will consider it for the next month’s lists.  In order to ensure accuracy, we may require substantiation of any corrections submitted.



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